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Rivet Nut Tools Now Finally Available to the Industry and Handyman online!

If you’re looking for rivet nut tools, Air/Hydraulic Riveters or rivet nut tool nose assemblies you came to the right place. We offer free shipping of all our rivet nut tools within the United States.

Installation tools

Rivet Nut Tool offers high, medium, and low volume installation tooling options. We have distributed the same line of tools for many years and can help you find the perfect tool for you.

High-to-Medium Volume Tools

We offering is pneumatic/hydraulic or battery-operated installation tools. These tools both spin and pull to install the fastener. They are designed to last years, and their lives can be further extended by regular maintenance. 

Low-to-Medium Volume Tools

Manually operated by your hands, either lever-operated or wrench-operated. This tool is cost-efficient while still providing a very high-quality installation. Read below for more information.

Spin-Pull-Spin Ultra BP-60 Rivet Nut Tool

Spin-Pull-Spin Ultra BP-60 Rivet Nut Tool
The Ultra BP-60 rivet nut tool features a spin-pull-spin feature. The fastener quickly spins on, pulls the fastener, and spins out of the fastener. The BP-60 Rivet Nut tool has a fully adjustable stroke for accurate insert placements, which requires less operator skill. Stroke adjustment is quick and easy and is done from the exterior of the rivet nut tool. 

Accu-Spin 600Q Rivet Nut ToolBP-600Q Rivet Nut Tool comes equipped with not only an air inlet but also an ergonomic composite handle. This Rivet Nut Tool model operates at 600 rpm for quick installations of smaller rivet nuts. Places 8-32, 10-24, 10-32, 1/4-20, M4, M5, and M6 rivet nuts. Recommended operating air pressure is 85-110 psi.

Rivet Nut Tools offers various kinds of installation tools. To learn more about all the various tools, contact us today!

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